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Grand Finale: Your Best Practices Action Plan

Bob Schultz — President, i-NHSS
Bob Whitten — Managing Partner, SMA Consulting
May 17th at 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Room: Ballroom 1

Grande Finale: Your Best Practices Action Plan

In this wrap up session, the two Bobs will review their ten best practice take aways from the Summit and ask the audience for input on their implementable take aways.  It will be like someone turned on the firehose of management information throughout the Summit.  You must have an action plan in place upon leaving to gain the maximum benefit from attending.  This session is designed to assist you to make the "great ideas" you heard at the Summit into a realistic improvement strategy for your organization or department.

All with some suggestions on making these practices come to life in your company! 


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May 15-17, 2019