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Madera CM - A Must Have Operational Database & Reporting System

Lorin Boyer — President, Maderasoft
May 16th at 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM, Room: Solar Room

Lorin Boyer has designed, to SMA specifications, an operational reporting database to assist with your company management and to help keep you on an even flow slot system.  Key management information is easiey stored in a user friendly format to allow the follwing (and more) reports to be just a couple of keystrokes away.

  • Starts projections
  • Closing projections
  • Gross profit reports by job, month, community, plan type and spec vs. presale. 
  • Sales report with fallout and fallout rate calculations
  • Spec inventory and aging report

These are but 5 of the over 25 reports available with new report customized design options also available at low cost.  All this at the low monthly price of $100 for SMA Inner Circle and Best Home Building Practices Summit attendees.  

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May 15-17, 2019