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Software: What's Out There & What to Expect - A Panel Discussion

Joe Stoddard — President, Mountain Consulting Group
Lorin Boyer — President, Maderasoft
May 16th at 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM, Room: Solar Room

Software: What's Out There & What to Expect; A Panel Discussion

Technology expert Joe Stoddard will moderate a panel discussion including representitives from software developers and builder users of some of today's hottest builder software packages.  Maderasoft founder Lorin Boyer, a rep for IHMS by Mark System and power builder user Jason French of Red Door Homes will discuss the state of the homebuilder software industry.  They will delve into what to expect when shopping for, purchasing and implementing these software solutions. 

Specific Questions the Will be Addressed by the panel include: 

  • Who are your prime competitors - what other software is on the market
  • What are the costs beyond the software investment for training and implementation of the software
  • What benefits can be expected from a successful software implementation
  • How long does it take to get a full software implementationa accomplished
  • What are the most common implementation mistakes builders make when trying new software. 
  • Can I expect the software to be flexible to accept any system variations I may usee in my business model
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May 15-17, 2019