About The Summit

The Educational Event of the Year for The Homebuilding Industry!

Background & Overview

Bob Whitten and Bob Schultz are two of the most highly acclaimed and sought after experts in the homebuilding business. They have co-hosted this event annually for the past five years.

Their Best Home Building Practices Summit brings together the best of the best builders, presenters and speakers in the industry - people who demonstrate mastery in their domains of expertise and who are actively out in the marketplace, "doing it" everyday, so that their best practices are up to the minute timely and accurate. These are the BEST PRACTICES being used in the most successful companies in the industry today. In 2017, there are 30+ speakers commited to do 35 presentations, 5 case studies and 2 panel discussions over the three days of the Summit.

Goals of the Summit

The Summit is all about helping home builders develop SUPERIOR skills, the uncommon way that top performers in the industry do it so that our attendees can "put some distance between themselves and the competition."

This is called the Best Home Building Practices Summit. Not the "ok" practices, or the "good enough" practices, or the "common" practices. These are THE BEST practices. And what we know about "the best" is that they are not average, not what's common, not middle of the pack, but the leading edge, what's being done right now, BEST PRACTICES to compete and win in the marketplace. Are you up for that?

It's also called a Summit. Not a talk, lecture, presentation, workshop, conference, get together, study group, but a meeting of the best-of-the-best, the most ambitious, the most successful, the most dedicated, disciplined and rigorous. It is for those seeking to climb the highest mountains, get to the highest peaks of excellence and enjoy the view from the top.

A BEST PRACTICES SUMMIT has a mood, and an urgency unlike any other annual gathering. The learning and knowledge has to be superior, important, hyper-pragmatic, hands-on, and enable practitioners to WIN in the most competitive markets ever. Its curriculum must be integrated, and build upon itself to produce a synergy to increase revenues and reduce unnecessay costs without sacrificing quality, intergity or good business judgement.


Who Should Attend

This is for the A-Team, the Big Boys (not in size but in profits and efficiencies), the Super Bowl Champions of home building. There are secrets and ways of thinking and acting being revealed here that are only spoken by the elite, to the elite, for the sake of staying elite. This is a summit for those home builders that can handle what's required to be a top performer. It is a summit for those that are ready to excel regardless of size or experience.

In our Summit, we will focus on the independence & interdependence of essential business skills specific to our industry.

  • Production - securing the resources of land & materials & labor and building the home
  • Marketing - generating qualified leads who are ready, willing and eventually capable of buying our product
  • Sales & driving revenue
  • Leadership & team satisfaction
  • Financial management & PROFIT magnification
  • Customer Satisfaction

These are the superior skills needed to excel. If you're committed to EMBODY these best practices, not just understand them, or be familiar with them, then you should attend.


We guarantee your "Best Practices Score" will rise as a result of participating in the Best Home Building Practices Summit 2017 - how much and how fast depends upon you and the team you bring. Don't miss this event! Register now!

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June 7-9, 2017