About The Summit

The Educational Event of the Year for The Homebuilding Industry!

Event Theme

Metrics + Proven Strategies = Top Performing Builders

Good markets can create a false sense of security for home builders. It’s easy to appear like a top performer when interest rates are low and everybody is buying. Our industry experts will fill you in on what you should be focusing on to maximize your revenue and profits, and to ensure that you succeed through all market conditions.

Metrics | Focus on Facts, Not Opinions

You can’t manage and improve what you don’t measure. That’s why this year, we’re helping builders put the tools in place to generate objective metrics for evaluating their success, not opinions or feelings. Metrics are unbiased, uncovering the good, the bad, and the ugly facts about where your business stands, and what you can improve upon.

Operational Focus | Focus on What You Can Control

You can’t control the market or your competition, but you can control your business. That’s why we’ve organize our Summit around the core operational components of a successful home building enterprise.

Proven Strategies | Focus on What Works, Not Experimentation

Experimentation can be costly. That’s why we exclusively invite the industry’s best to speak at the Best Home Building Practices Summit. The strategies and techniques you learn here will be battle-tested and proven-effective – we guarantee it.


What Makes This Event Different?

We’re not here for “show” – we’re here to grow

We are the only building industry event happening this year that will give you a 100% refund if you don’t learn at least 10 new strategies or techniques that you can use immediately to help grow your business. This promise is more than mere hubris or boilerplate, it’s a testament to our passion and proven track record for helping builders enjoy measurable growth for decades.

No Amateur Speakers Here

We don’t accept applications for our expert speakers. We hand select them for their experience, reputation, and mastery of their craft. There are no amateurs here. Only the best of the best.

We’re Invested in Your Success

Helping builders succeed and dominate in the marketplace is our passion. We love our industry, we’ve been here longer than everybody else, and we believe in what we’re doing. The bottom line…we really care.

Peer Engagement and Collaboration

This is not a sit-and-be-quiet lecture series. We’re bringing together the most ambitious builders and subject matter experts in the industry to collaborate, network, and engage the most pressing business challenges head-on.

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May 16-18, 2018