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Start Right to End Right

Joe Stoddard — President, Mountain Consulting Group
May 15th at 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM, Room: Ballroom 3

Start Right to End Right

Are you tired of never-ending “warranty” repairs, price concessions at closing, and less-than-stellar reviews on social media?  Maybe it’s time to re-think your total quality assurance (QA) program. 

A commitment to total quality starts early - with product development and documentation. From there and has to involve every step of the homebuilding (remodeling) lifecycle from marketing and sales, through construction, into the warranty period, and beyond.  And it would not be an SMA best-practice session unless you were benchmarking the starting point, setting goals, and measuring your progress every step of the way.   This session will outline SMA’s time-proven approach to Total Quality Assurance that every homebuilder (remodeler, trade contractor) needs to implement for 2019 and beyond.

What You Will Learn:

-  The true cost of re-work and why it can sink even the best new home builders

-  Why spending MORE time in pre-construction planning will actually SHORTEN your cycle time overall

- The two project “bright red lines” - stages you should not cross until totally prepared.

- The three pre-construction project review and revision points that are critical for a clean job start

- The components of a complete Job Starts Package, and the correct way to review it for errors, before starting construction

- How to practically eliminate “punch lists” and profit-killing re-work,  both between trades and at the end of the project

-  How to correctly deliver the project to your customer  with zero defects, and move into warranty with no lingering issues.

- A “Speak with one voice” approach so your  buyers will always have correct information about their new home.

- How to convert your warranty work from a profit drain to a profit center and sales generator!

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May 15-17, 2019