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Joe Stoddard President, Mountain Consulting Group

Joe Stoddard, Speaker from Mountain Consulting Group

A former homebuilder and general contractor, Joe Stoddard has championed the adoption of lean operating principles and the intelligent application of technology in the building industry from DOS 1.0 in 1981 to "cloud computing," social media, and mobile, collaborative operations today.

Mr. Stoddard is a thought-leader in the building industry, read monthly by tens of thousands of building professionals. His columns and feature articles regularly appear in key industry publications including Nations' Building News, Remodeling Magazine, Builder Magazine, Tools of the Trade, and the Journal of Light Construction (JLC). He has moderated the popular Business Technology Forum at since 1998.

A sought-after presenter, Joe is also a regular speaker at leading industry conferences including JLC Live, Custom Builder Symposium, SMA Leadership Conferences, NAHB's Builder20, and the International builders' Show (IBS). Mr. Stoddard is a founding partner and principal of Mountain Consulting Group, LLC.

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May 15-17, 2019