Rick Cosgrove Founder & CTO, SpecItUp

Rick Cosgrove, Speaker from SpecItUp

Rick is renowned as a digital tactician who has the rare ability to “think like a builder.”

Rick started in homebuilding out of high school swinging a hammer.  After college, Rick worked for homebuilders as an Estimating Manager, Purchasing Manager, and Project Manager, before shifting into Homebuilding Technology, which became a passion for helping homebuilders use software to streamline and manage sales, purchasing, estimating, scheduling, and accounting.

With nearly 30 years of experience in homebuilding technology management, Rick has earned awards for his work creating systems for large and small homebuilders.  His focus on maximizing process efficiencies and controlling staff overhead despite accelerated home sales has led to increased bottom lines for the builders he serves.

Six years ago, Rick launched Specitup® with a vision to help all production homebuilders operate efficiently while focusing on selling more homes. 

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May 15-17, 2019